NBN and MATV Systems

Master Antenna Television

It means one antenna servicing 1 or 1000’s of televisions. The founder of Deeper Image Television Sally Garden has seen installations with 120, 000 connections. Foxtel with their cable installations around the suburbs probably has a vast number of connections attached to a single source too!

Owners Corporation Managers and Body Corporate Managers have the task of managing multiple high rise dwellings, Retirement Villages, nursing homes and units on strata titles. Television today is a way of life and for the older citizen it can be a comfort when other activities are not possible. Technology is racing with multiple changes happening regularly often leaving some members of the community feeling inadequate or not sure what should be done for the best. Renovating and upgrading facilities can be expensive and you want to be sure you have covered yourself with enough future proofing to cover both television and internet services. Today the technologies of internet and television are converging with both offering products and options for the consumer.

Owners Corporation Managers and Body Corporate Managers need to stay abreast of this ideally but when that is difficult Deeper Image Television can advise you your options. Television or Freeview as the free to air channels are known does offer a good range of programs which everyone can access for free. The digital television channels can be distributed to 1 or many rooms or dwellings.

FREEVIEW [Australia] is the brand given to the digital television platform in Australia. It brings all of the free to air broadcasts together for marketing purposes.

Clients may wish to know what is required to receive digital and internet television or what modifications (if any) to their domestic or MATV reception systems will be necessary to take full advantage of the new services. Owners Corporation Managers and Body Corporate Managers need to be aware that restacking of channels is occurring which will impact on multi-point systems. Amplfiers and possibly the aerial or antenna will need to be replaced. South Yarra transmissions, Bourke Street and many more will be impacted which will effect the performance of your MATV System.

Deeper Image Television is able to answer all your questions. If you like we can advise any or all of your clients on your behalf saving you the time and effort needed to provide up-to-date and accurate information about the choices available to them.

MATV Systems require first class planning, quality materials and a technical application which must be applied throughout the project. Deeper Image Television has experience in project management expertise which we would be happy to substantiate if needed. We have provided services for large National clients and sporting events. RF coaxial cable is an important component in any system and comes in many sizes and types – you need to know what is different about each. The cable and connectors used should be an ideal fit to guarantee the very best pictures.

Today companies like Clipsal and their Starserve sell systems to home owners that require adjustment from time to time which our skills allow us to do. We have the right meters, tools and understanding to be able to diagnose what is needed to get your MATV system back on air.

Many homes have multiple TV outlets and Internet/Telephone outlets today. Homes can have installed a MATV system requiring specialist attention. Deeper Image Television is the team that can help.

Our knowledge of installed product, methods used and experience from many years involvement in the industry make us the ideal organisation to advise and quote for you.

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