Digital Antenna Installations

Bit Error Rates where improved even though the city skyline was difficult by careful placement and stacking to improve forward gain and rejection of unwanted signals.

Do you know there is no such thing as a digital/analogue TV antenna?  It is just an antenna and it is specifically designed for the TV channels or programs that you wish to receive.  If you live in Melbourne the needed antenna is different to the one that is needed in Dubbo.

What you do need to know is there is a large variation in the quality that you are offered today. Typically an antenna should last 10 to 15 years provided there are no planning changes by our Broadcast Minister.  This happened a lot in the ’80s and more recently about 6 years ago.

We only supply a quality well-designed product that will last the distance.  We select the exact antenna to deliver the best possible image. You a pay a little more but you get much more in value by way of images and longevity.  

Often a new antenna is not needed but a cable or connection needs upgrading.  We call this PROBLEM RECEPTION. Pixelation is often the result of poor cables and connections.  

New Antenna system, Pixelation or problem reception we have 25 years plus of experience to solve the problem.