After 25 years in Elgar Road Surrey Hills Deeper Image Television has a new home in Ferntree Gully.  The advancement and use of technology has made the necessity for a retail front both unnecessary and to some degree unaffordable for specialist services.   A factory environment today is more efficient to allow for storage of equipment, greater range of stock, training and generally greater space to move.

Our move is now completed and it is already more effective.   Prior to moving another important aspect of the business was addressed.   Our customer needs are changing as the technologies of internet and television move closer together sharing common needs like streaming of pictures.

Deeper Image Television has been responsible for many jobs where new technology was used with great success.   Following on in this tradition we addressed the falling competency of our technicians late last year with intention and commitment.    A good technician today requires many skills included amongst them is:  construction knowledge, good communication skills, good manners, ability to work at heights, ability to work in the dirt with spiders and slime, technical knowhow which has to include both RF technologies and IT technologies, small for tight corners but strong to lift a ladder perhaps 2 to 3 stories.   Then he has to be able to write, run test equipment and collect money.    When you take this apart this is extensive.   The failure of business to apprentice for a multiple number of reasons it now being felt.    We could not in one person find all these attributes and skills.

So we decided to go for a joint venture solution with another organisation.   An organisation that could offer the operational needs in one package while we concentrated on organisation, administration, marketing and training.

We are pleased to announce that Ryve Pty. Ltd. Is now that joint venture partner.    We have been in our new premises now for approximately 30 days and already staff have been added.  Many Audio Visual sets up in the home require a electrician for power cable installations.   We now have our own Electrician on staff which consolidates our capacity to service our customers both effectively and efficiently.

The installation team is now 4 persons strong and to-date dividing the executive responsibilities using two dedicated and competent organisation is a winning formula.