Business Opportunities
A big GOAL BUT very possible…………

Deeper Image Television and in particular the Founder Sally Garden want to establish a group of technicians who will band together to form a co-operative  of professionals servicing firstly Victoria and then the whole country.    Sally already has had experience with this back in the 70’s when she was instrumental in forming up the first Antenna Technician’s Association.   This in the early days was very successful as the stated aims were pursued with some passion but it degenerated into a boys club in later years and finally was disbanded due to a lack of a leader and interest. 

To achieve an Association you have to have passionate individuals who do it on a volunteer basis for the benefit of all.   Our lives have become super busy and formal associations require willing individuals who give up their time for the benefit of all.   They are volunteer activities and often the duties taken on are not appreciated and valued.    Sally has done much of this type of work over the years and has been seeking a new approach to achieve a better outcome for all involved.  In addition and unfortunately, from where Deeper Image Television sits today finding these willing people is difficult if not impossible.  

Today the contractor is flat out controlling the product, handling the books, doing the promotion, ordering the stock, quoting the jobs etc.  This is tough on your own and leaves little time to participate in other activities or improve ones skills.

The approach we have in mind can make it easier, more enjoyable and more profitable for the whole group.  

The benefits are as follows:

  • A group of like minded people have someone to talk to.   It is lonely working on your own but it is also dangerous.   A group tends to keep you on your toes.  You tend to learn by exchanging problems and solutions.   You have someone on your team to put you in line when you fall out.  
  • By banding together you can enjoy the benefits that corporate organisations enjoy like buying power which means cheaper  insurance, fleet rates on  new vehicle, reduced equipment costs, cheaper telecommunications and better buying prices for stock to name a few.   There is nothing new about buying power.  
  • You attract as a group a powerful distribution point for new products and can often get first bite at innovations and new products.
  • As a member of the group your opinion will be sort.
  • Suppliers will be interested in keeping you up to date on product and trends
  • Retailers need competent technicians to service their products and again a national or state wide organisation can offer this service effectively to national retailers.   If you look at the recent Government contracts in the area they have all gone to corporate type companies.   They then hire others.
  • Branding can be standardised making it possible to afford top marketing strategies.
  • An opportunity exists to establish apprenticing by sharing the costs of hiring
  • You can go on holidays knowing that your customers are being looked after
  • The very big one from a gross profit  point of view is some standard pricing which helps to build confidence in the products and industry.
  • The best of all is you are developing capital.  You are doing this both from a personal capital point of view (you have some time to improve skills, survey what your customers needs are and develop new ideas) and from a money point of view all of sudden your business is not just you!  It is bigger than that.   A person can buy it and they have a brand and marketing behind them instantly.  It has real capital value!

We are taking Expressions of Interest to establish whether there is any desire for a work shop late in the year where the whole plan would be presented.   So if you think you would be interested fill in the form and we will get back in contact with you.