Digital TV Installations
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Bit Error Rates where improved  even though the city skyline was difficult by careful placement and stacking to improve forward gain and rejection of unwanted signals.

We have a group of very talented individuals who are both experienced and knowledgeable about digital television and what constitutes a professional TV antenna installation.
Our senior technicians have been with us for 24 years and have been in the industry since the beginning. The can do the small, difficult or large installations equally easily. We cover areas from the CBD to the northern suburbs, western, eastern and south eastern installing digital antenna installations.

When you are installing a digital television antenna: you are gathering the data packets of information from a wave length that has transported the data packets for distribution to your TV set via your TV Antenna, cable and connections. That means the information superimposed on the wave has to arrive at your television to be processed by the tuner.  When all the information arrives you get a great picture. 

 If some of the information does not arrive you can get a poor picture.   The pixels on the screen will be white because they have no information to fill the pixel. You have probably noticed that if you have a large television screen and the network is transmitting in standard digital format only the picture can look quite poor.  The network then transmits a high definition picture and it looks great!  The reason is more white pixels when it is standard definition.  This can happen with poor signal too!  Not enough of the data packets arrive and the sampling becomes more and more based on guesses therefore the quality of the picture suffers.   The processor can fill the pixels or not and if not then it is a white pixel.

A good digital antenna installation is not one that passes when the meter is put on but one that achieves the Australian standard which allows for environmental changes that cause packets of data to contain more and more errors under environmental change. An example would be weather, heat, impulse noise from a faulty appliance, changing performance in poor cabling, badly designed distribution systems to name but a few. In the industry it is called the “cliff edge” – the point where the signal becomes unreliable and unpredictable. No installation should be left where there is a possibility of the cliff edge being achieved.  A tolerance can be built into the system. When you install your next digital antenna ask the technician what is his standard?  Our technicians are methodical in achieving the required digital standard.  The most important step is the testing.

Every installation is first tested for signal quality. . In Melbourne there are 6 digital signals delivering up to 21 programs known as FREEVIEW. The technician sites the antenna in the location that delivers the best signals across the 6 digital TV transmissions by carefully checking the Bit Error Rates and power for each channel. This takes a little time to do well and the signal test is an important step when buying a new digital television antenna installation.

Digital requires less power but greater accuracy if that makes sense.  Poor quality antennas with lots of spikes are bit like taking a machine gun and blasting an area and hoping you hit the target. The best way is a well constructed dedicated designed antenna for the frequencies in question located in the correct position which is more like a marksman - one shot does the job. 
We see amplifiers being used to overcome what is a poor antenna installation. We have electrical stores selling this solution with the result - customers are worse off.  You cannot amplifier yourself out of interference and that is what pixilation and no signal messages are. The fix is a good digital antenna installation implemented by real technicians who understands what is needed.

Multi – Storey Dwellings or Body Corporate units, flats etc.

The same principle applies to this type of housing.  The antenna installation is the start but signals are amplified sufficiently to supply everyone living within the complex.   See MATV for more information.