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Deeper Image Television staff are Problem Reception specialists who solve the television reception issues that other companies and technicians give up on. We specialise in helping you to receive digital television and radio.

Deeper ImageThe more difficult the job, the more we like it. Pixilation is a hot subject with digital broadcasts. We are receiving many calls with pixilation problems. The problem can be one channel suffering with pixilation or several. However, cable and connectors 70% of the time are the cure.

We are constantly seeking better ways to deliver quality images. The choice of antenna in the first place is the driver for better, more reliable pictures with digital signals. Unlike analogue you cannot see a degraded picture with digital signals you have to rely on an instrument to look into why pictures are breaking up or reporting no signal or suffering with pixilation.

Good antenna installation are made up of highly conductive antennas that allow energy to flow not impede it, quality specified low loss cables and perfectly matched connectors all installed flawlessly. When an antenna is placed in the optimum position and the signal (energy) is looked after then you can perceive a big improvement in the picture quality. Digital pictures are not the same. A good antenna will deliver a better digital image every time as the bit errors are reduced or eradicated.

We offer a specialised installation service. Materials and skills are the best so our price will be commensurate with the product delivered. Audio Visual brackets can be installed and equipment set up to achieve the very best viewing pleasure. We can tune and instruct you on how to use your television equipment.

Television antennas, extra tv outlets, internet set ups, TV's and equipment programmed whatever your needs in media it is likely we will have the skills to do a top job for you. Digital radio is often a problem but is easily fixed using your quality television antenna.

We cannot stress enough the need for quality connectors and cable. Today some 70% of all calls are related to poor cable handling, poor cable installs and older cables which have not been replaced in many years. Terminations are the push in PAL type fitting which induce into your television antenna system any problem in the near vicinity. All connections should be F type for the best shielding and greatest protection against pixilation.

Everything we do is supported by good quality consulting and advice across all our product ranges and a guarantee of our work. Deeper Image Television is about providing great television pictures and great service.

Problem Reception

Solving the picture problems on your TV has been our business for more than 40 years. Deeper Image Television solves television reception problems that others give up on. We don't quit until you get a great image on your television.

Our technicians have only one goal:
Deeper ImageTo allow you to enjoy television as it is meant to be enjoyed - a great image with the best sound possible.
Digital is now phased in resulting in many signal problems being solved but the ones that are left require skill and experience to solve them. A good quality test instrument is vital and if things are really tricky a sound knowledge of how digital is transmitted is needed including the signal path and possible problems generated as a consequence.
Just about everyone's TV reception could be better. Some channels may come through clearer than others, you may not be able to tune into other channels at all.

You may be experiencing annoying little faults which come and go know that these can be resolved in 99% of cases. 12 volt down lights are a known source of problem, cables that run to close to power are another no no but most important of all if are are to avoid pixilation faults if the cable quality and installation coupled with how your connectors are terminated.